Hello My Name is Moses Timms, I am a Cocker Spaniel and I am 14 weeks old. I have been coming in to school for a few weeks now, you may have seen me around. I belong our Chaplain Miss Timms and I hope, when I grow up and become a big dog, that I can train to be a therapy dog. I have had so much fun meeting all the children and hanging out in the staff room. I have made lots of new friends around the school and really enjoyed visiting the prep school for wellbeing Wednesday. On my first week at Kingsley, I helped some of the big children, who were a bit worried about the exams, and I sometimes sit on the sofa and have a fuss when Miss Timms is talking to someone who has had a difficult day or is a bit upset about things. If I haven’t met you yet please do come and say hello I’m often out and about with Miss Timms. Some of my siblings also come in to school but you can tells it’s me because I have a very fancy lead that has lots of brightly coloured spots on it. I hope to see more of you as I grow up but if you’re not confident around me or my fur irritates you do let Miss Timms know; she will help me to know not to be too excited when I see you.