This term during our assemblies we have considered the question what is love?
As I’ve got older I think the biggest thing I have realised is that time spent is the most important thing. When I had to write something to share at my Grandparents funerals I asked my cousins for some inspiration the thing we all reflected on was time, the time when…
The time we played in the garden.
The time when Grandad wore my freshly cut hair as a wig.
The time when my brother ate 12 of nanny’s roast potatoes.
Sometimes I spend too much time living a virtual life, glued to my computer with yet another lesson or service to plan or on Facebook but try as I might to find love from my laptop, when I cuddle it doesn’t give much back. The same with my phone. Mr Dinosaur is a cuddly toy given to me by a friend he is definitely softer but even he doesn’t give that much love. Perhaps I’ll get more from my TV?
So what is real life? Real love? How can we live a more real life, a life more as Jesus promises in John 10, a full life?
The Bible is made up of lots of different books bound in to one. It has and Old Testament which is the stuff before Jesus was born and a new testament which is the stuff after Jesus was born. Some of the books were originally written as letters. I love receiving letters, real hand-written, on folded paper in an envelope type of letters. My God mum writes me letters. I know its old fashioned but I still love opening them sitting with a cuppa and reading through her news. Anyhow this guy called Paul wrote a lot of letters and some of them are in the Bible in one such letter he wrote about love he tried to describe it I think he did a pretty good job.
“Love is Patient Kind Not jealous Not boastful Not proud Not rude Not selfish Does not anger easily Love does not remember wrongs Love is not happy with evil Love is happy with truth Love accepts all things Love trusts Hopes Endures.”
Lent is often a time when we fast. Something to remind us of Jesus fasting in the desert. This Lent I encouraged our pupils to take something up. That something was acts of kindness each class had a challenge list for the 40 days of Lent. We often try to give something up to try not to do something and Paul’s letter has a lot of “it’s nots” Love is not jealous, boastful, proud rude etc. but it starts love is patient and kind and finishes love trusts love hopes and love endures, so my hope is we would endeavour to be kind to one another, to be patient with one another, to trust one another, to hope with and for one another, and to endure with one another. In other words, stand with each other in good times and hard times, don’t have a friendship one week and not the next, stick with it. My longest serving friend and I have been friends since we were very little and we grew up together. We have been privileged to squabble as children to fight over boys as teenagers and celebrate Uni successes. I have had the joy of standing with her at her wedding, to be called Auntie Kathryn by all of her beautiful children and we’ve cried with each other when we have lost close friends and family. I promise you to endure to invest in love and in friendship is the greatest privilege of life as a human being and if you not sure how perhaps start with Corinthians 13 and the sacrificial example of Jesus told in the Easter story as a guide.
Blessings to all the Kingsley family enjoy a well-earned break. I look forward to seeing you for our opening term service on 17th April at 9:30