Ladybirds, Caterpillars, Butterflies 0 – 2 years

​The children have been painting! We have used winter colours and exploring the different textures.
They have enjoyed using the toy telephones and other objects to talk on the phone and have have been babbling and using single words, developing their language skills 

Next week we will be setting up a role-play garage for the children to explore, practicing their gross motor development.


We will also continue their language development through call and response activities


Bumblebees & Dragonflies 2 – 3 years

The children have been learning all about the artic and animals that live there. We have been exploring ice and learning how it melts, using language such as ‘warm, cold, hot’ to help describe the senses.

Our children who are preparing for Pre-School transition have been practicing their counting and have new sound books. We have also been exploring free painting, colour sorting and adding to our ‘Room on the broom’ display

Next week we will be extending children’s learning on animals that live in the cold. We will be practicing our pencil control, looking at shapes and will continue colour sorting.

Pre-School 3 – 4 years

This term we are focusing on the topic of transport. We have been learning about different types of vehicles and how they move around. The children have been exploring ways of moving and learning about the different environments they may see modes of transport.

Next week we will continue the topic of transport focusing on air, land and sea. Introducing ways of moving; objects and ourselves