Ladybirds 0 – 12 months

This week we have been playing with the sensory toys and developing our senses through touch and feel. The laydbirds have enjoyed discovering all the sounds and different textures and shapes.

Next week we will begin our Christmas craft activities. We will also explore the sensory lights.


Caterpillars 12 – 18 months

The Caterpillar room have enjoyed exploring the colour yellow this week using a variety of ‘yellow’ resources; we have also enjoyed nature walks through the woods.

Next week we will be singing some Christmas songs during our group time activities and focusing on the colour green.

Butterflies 18 – 24 months

In the Butterfly room we have started our Christmas craft and been looking at snowflakes. All the children have enjoyed continuing to practice their balancing skills in the physical room. We have also been focusing on care and turn taking; the children have loved playing and exploring with the babies and accessories.

Next week we will be continuing our Christmas craft and learning Christmas songs. We will also be continuing turn taking activities.

Bumblebees 24 – 30 months

This week in the Bumblebee room, we have been super busy preparing for our virtual Christmas performance. The children have been exploring ‘shape’ in the environment and practicing drawing them and then developing our fine motor skills whilst using scissors to cut them out.

Next week we will be continuing with Christmas crafts, practising our group Christmas performance and making a Christmas Scarecrow.


Dragonflies 30 – 36 months

This week in the Dragonfly room, we have started our Christmas craft including calendars for our countdown to Christmas. We have also used a variety of resources to make ‘Bertie’ the Scarecrow for our Earth Centre to help keep the birds away.

Next week we will be continuing our Christmas craft, going on regular walks outside to see ‘Bertie’, and exploring the outdoors.


The Pre-School children have had a great week learning about the ‘cold weather’ and exploring artic animals. The children read the story ‘the emperor’s egg’ and learnt the lifecycle of a penguin from egg to adult. We have also been introducing the topic of Christmas and practicing some Christmas songs to sing, building the children’s confidence in performing in front of their peers. (These will be recorded for parents to see over the next few weeks)

A note for parents – Please could the children bring in a photo to share of their decorations, tree or other Christmas’s activities that they have been undertaking at home over the next few weeks

Next week we will be dressing up and engaging in role-play to support our confidence in performing. We will also be continuing our work on cold climates and introducing sensory experiences linked to this topic, such as melting ice.