Ladybirds, Caterpillars and Butterflies (0-2 years)

This week we have been playing with mini beasts in coco pops, looking at them through magnifying glasses to identify colours and how many legs they have. We have also used natural materials in our tuft tray such as pinecones, bark and small pieces of wood alongside the mini beasts for the children to explore the different textures.

The children have had lots of fun down in the garden, observing the tadpoles and playing in the sandpit, building sand castles and making marks in the sand.

Next week we will be continuing with our Mini Beasts topic – We will be making cotton reel spiders, which will help to develop our children’s fine motor skills. We are also going to be looking at shapes; letting the 0-2’s find shapes in gloop and playing with various shape sorters and puzzles.

Early Years Sand Pit

Bumblebees & Dragonflies (2-3 years)

We have been focusing on Earth Day! We have created our own Earth’s by rolling marbles in green and blue paint across a paper plate, helping to develop the children’s gross motor skills. The children discussed what they love about the planet, Child A said “the sea and tadpoles” and Child R said “birds in the trees”.

We have also been recycling old wellies, by using them as flower pots for our sunflowers, which we have been planting this week.

Our word of the week is ‘Rhombus’, as we have started to learn the names of various 2D shapes –  Linking into Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development in the EYFS

Next Week we will continue with our ‘All about me’; looking into the mirror and creating self-portraits of ourselves using natural resources. We are also going to continue looking at 2D shapes and learning what they look like. Our word of the week will be ‘Pentagon’.

Early Years Earth Day!

Pre-School (3-4 Years)

This week we have been looking at the lifecycle of butterflies and tadpoles; reading books about how they change and letting our own butterflies free into the woods, watching them fly away. The children have watched them evolve from caterpillars into butterflies and enjoyed watching them fly away.

We have also been learning about different species of dinosaurs, focusing on their different features and learning the difference between herbivores and carnivores.

For Earth Day, we have enjoyed planting our sweet peas in our garden and we look forward to watching them grow! – This links into Understanding the World and Literacy in the EYFS

Next Week we are going to be learning all about mini beasts; reading stories and identifying various differences between them. We will also be drawing our favourite mini beasts and trying to find them in the woods and on our nature walks.

Tadpoles & Butterflies