Ladybirds 0 – 12 months

The Ladybirds have been completing some Christmas craft and exploring the different textures of the materials we used. For example feeling the fluffy cotton wool for our snowmen.  We have also been exploring sound using the musical instruments.

Next week we will be continuing with our Christmas craft and singing Christmas songs.


Caterpillars 12 – 18 months

The Caterpillar room have enjoyed exploring the colour green this week in the sensory tray with a variety of green objects and materials.  We have also been mark making using chalks and continuing with our Christmas Craft.

Next week we will be continuing singing Christmas songs during our group time activities and focusing on the colour red.

Butterflies 18 – 24 months

In the Butterfly room we have continued with our Christmas Craft and been making some Salt dough stars and Christmas Trees. We have also spent lots of time outside, exploring our surroundings and talking about the weather.

Next week we will be continuing our Christmas craft and learning more Christmas songs. We will also be focusing on colours and shapes.

Bumblebees 24 – 30 months

​This week in the Bumblebee room, we have made a Father Christmas Scarecrow for John to go in the raised vegetable beds. We used natural resources such as wood and shells, the children then helped to stuff it with hay. We have also decorated our Christmas Tree using the children’s Christmas craft and been busy learning some Christmas songs.

Next week we will be decorating salt dough tree decorations using glitter and paint. We will also be focusing on shapes in the environment and trying to match them with objects we see.


Dragonflies 30 – 36 months

This week in the Dragonfly room, we have continued with our Christmas craft. We have also done a beautiful Winter board with Snowmen and Polar bears. We have had lots of fun outside playing parachute and ball games on the field.  

Next week we will be continuing our Christmas craft. We will also be making a Santa and reindeer’s for our Winter board and continuing to learn our colours at group time. We will also be practicing for our Christmas sing along


The Pre-School children have been learning about the Artic and cold climates. We have looked at the globe and located the North & South pole. We then started learning about the animals that live in the Artic and Antarctica. We have also been busy doing lots of Christmas Crafts and learning Christmas Songs. During our Outdoor Exploration, we have learnt about the way penguins move and behave. We had great fun sliding down the bank on our bellies, waddling and flapping our wings like Penguins.  

Next week we will be continuing with our Christmas Crafts and decorating Pre-School with our Christmas Decorations. We will also be making 2 or 3 coloured patterns in maths using threading beads