Ladybirds, Caterpillars and Butterflies (0-2 years)

This week we have begun our Easter craft: we have been making Easter bunnies and chicks for our cards using our fingers and paintbrushes. – This links into Expressive Arts & Design and Physical Development in the EYFS

In group time we have been using flashcards to identify animals and objects as well as trying to learning individual words from picture cards. Following this, we have been encouraging the children to engage in singing nursery rhymes such as Wind the Bobbin up and supporting them to copy the actions too. – This links into Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Understanding of the World in the EYFS

Next Week we will continuing to focus on our Easter craft and learning the names of various Spring animals. The children will also be able to go and explore our new 0-2’s area in the nursery garden which is currently being developed.

Bumblebees & Dragonflies (2-3 years)

This week the children have been exploring the story of Easter (Understanding of the World). They have been developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination whilst creating their Easter cards. – This links into Physical Development and EAD in the EYFS.

In literacy, the children have been practicing their mark making skills, joining in at circle time with Jolly Phonics and sharing stories. – This links into Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Literacy in the EYFS.

They thoroughly enjoyed climbing the wooden obstacle course; developing their gross motor skills and team building exercises. – Linking into Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development in the EYFS

Next Week In Maths, the children will be looking at measurements when making Easter biscuits and nests: measuring out their ingredients and recognising numbers.  In addition to our tadpoles, we now have Caterpillars growing in our classroom! The children will be observing these daily to see how big they are grow before making their cocoons and turning into butterflies. 

Pre-School (3-4 Years)

This week in Pre-School we have been busy making our Easter cards using daisy’s we have found on our walks and we have been busy planting seeds, ready for us to take home and watch them grow! – This links into Expressive Arts and Design, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World in the EYFS.

The children have also been looking at the world map and learning about different countries, the names of different seas and all about the equator. – This links into Understanding the World and Literacy in the EYFS

Next Week Next week is Holiday Club!  We hope all of our Pre-School children have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you all again from the W/C 19th April. HAPPY EASTER!