Ladybirds 0 – 12 months

This week the ladybirds have had a lot of fun exploring colour through different sensory toys & lights, we have also created a firework painting.

Next week we will be exploring natural objects and beginning our Christmas craft.

Caterpillars 12 – 18 months

The Caterpillar rooms have been creating firework/bonfire pictures using homemade recycled stamps. We have also been learning the names of foods using the role play kitchen – focusing on fruits and vegetables; apples, carrots, bananas, and broccoli.

Next weekwe will be learning about farm animals and making poppies for remembrance day focusing on the colour red

Butterflies 18 – 24 months

The butterfly room have been exploring colours through marble painting to support balance and control when making marks. We have also been creating Firework pictures. Our main focus this week has been colours & animals.

Next week we will be focusing on creative play making craft ready for Christmas

Bumblebees 24 – 30 months

The bumblebees have been creating their own firework/bonfire pictures and exploring colours and sounds around the environment. We have been on lots of nature walks around the school grounds collecting pine cones ready to decorate for our Christmas craft.

Next week we will be starting our Christmas craft activities including making wreaths. We will also be practising singing our Christmas songs and exploring other festivals around the world.


Dragonflies 30 – 36 months

The Dragonflies have been reading the story of the Gruffalo and talking about the characters within the story. They have been noticing the different features such as the purple prickles all over his back and his orange eyes! The children have been also been practicing using their ‘S’ sound just like the snake from the story! The children have also enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles on our nature walks.

Next week we will be making Gruffalo Crumble to extend our learning from our book of the month. 


In Pre-School this week, we have been learning about ‘bonfire night’ and talking to the children about the safety around watching fireworks, holding sparklers and bonfires. We created our own ‘pretend bonfire’ within the classroom and the children initiated the ideas of toasting marshmallows!

Next week we will be exploring the topic of our senses, talking about sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell