Kingsley School Bideford today announced results for its Sixth Form Students following summer 2018 public exams.
Executive Summary
• The average UCAS score per candidate was 148 (equivalent to 3A grades at A level) – up 12% versus a year ago
• 27% of students achieved A* grade
• 45% of students achieved A* & A grade
• 61% of students achieved A*, A & B grade
• 100% A or A* for all science students
• 100% Distinction * for all BTEC hospitality students [equivalent to A* at A level]

Today Kingsley students are happily celebrating their exceptional A Level, AS and BTEC results. 45% of students have been awarded A* and A at Kingsley this year, putting Kingsley at 18% above the 26.7% national average for achievement at this level.
100% of Kingsley students passed Physics, Chemistry and Biology at A* or A grade, whilst all the BTEC Hospitality students achieved Distinction * which is the equivalent to A* at A level.

Commenting on this year’s results, Headmaster, Pete Last said: “I am immensely proud of our students and their record results today enabling them to secure places on their university degree level courses. I congratulate all our students and our staff who have worked together to achieve this success. Whilst we have been putting the wellbeing of our students on an equal footing with academic achievements at Kingsley, we are delighted that an outcome of this has been these exceptional results this summer!”

The important stories of the day are our individual successes, and the excellent university and consequential career progression options for our students.

Chris Lee was thrilled to get the grades needed to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Gaining A* A* A* A*A* in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, she said, “I’m really pleased I got the grades I needed to get onto my course, I worked hard for it so it’s good to see it paid off. Picking up results is a nerve wracking thing, but now I’m excited to start at Cambridge University in a few weeks’ time. I’ve got a real passion for science which is why I chose the course. I would like to thank all my teachers at Kingsley School who made me realise that I could achieve the results I have picked up today.”

Meanwhile, Head boy George Robinson received his results and is now getting ready to start studying Business Management and Marketing at UWE. “Last year I decided that I would work a lot harder to make sure I did as well as I could and I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved today,” said George. “Now I’m looking forward to starting my degree. A big shout out to Mr Whaley and the Go-Pro Club where I started making videos and found a love of filming. I am delighted that I will be able to continue to operate my film business, Westward Media, alongside my studies, to financially support my university days! Kingsley has really helped me become a more confident person, all the teachers believed in me from my first day. When I arrived at Kingsley I was like a closed book and didn’t feel particularly academic. Going to University is a dream come true for me!” dream come true for me. ”


Head girl, Eleanor Barker said: “I am off to Exeter to read English in September. Leaving Kingsley has been hard as I have been here since I was 4 months old! Kingsley is like a great big family to me, and my Mum, who has been involved in so much of school life with the PTA. Thank you to Miss Makepeace for being amazingly supportive and always going the extra mile for me. She would often come and find us outside lesson time to hand us an article which she thought would be of interest or remind us of upcoming deadlines, or treat us to cake! I’ll also miss Wendy, the Mum of the Sixth Form Centre, and Mr Cannon for always being in a good mood and making us laugh!”



Sixth Former, Daisy Burnell said: “Thank you Kingsley, my 18 years here have paid off! Mrs Stella, Miss Williams, Wendy and my other teachers have all gone beyond what they should do to help me achieve these grades. I am now off to Australia to work for sixth months before heading to university to study for my degree in Translation.”



Head of Food Science, Mrs Sarah Gosai said: “I am immensely proud of all my Year 13 Hospitality students who have achieved an amazing set of results after two years of very hard work. It hasn’t been an easy ride: they’ve been expected to attend regular 1-1 clinic sessions, gain work experience, set up and run their own hospitality events with all the financial, health and safety and organisational responsibilities of a real business. The students met this challenge and the high expectations I have of them with a huge amount of determination. With all the individual support and guidance that the Kingsley environment enables us to give our students, they have achieved outstanding outcomes. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them all well for their futures in whatever avenues life takes them. It has been a wonderful couple of years and I will miss them all.”
Kingsley Headmaster continued: “At Kingsley we have been taking big steps towards continuing to build exceptional pastoral care and making our student’s social, physical and mental wellbeing a priority. The emotional and social skills, behaviours and knowledge that are learnt in a Kingsley classroom can help our students set the pattern for how they will manage their health and well-being throughout their lives. As expected, this new approach has positively impacted our public exam results. Our teaching team are driving this transformation with effective teaching techniques, a clear focus on the individual, extra clinics and catch up sessions, tutorials, or simply by just sitting with students at lunch to talk through their day or encouraging them to switch off and go and join the school’s afternoon surf club at Westward Ho!. I believe such good wellbeing on leaving school has a far greater impact on life outcomes than purely exam success, albeit the exceptional ones of our Sixth Formers today!”