Getting through lockdown together – school day #8: be a penguin!

Every week the Prep School are focussing on a ‘Learning to Learn’ animal and next week they are trying to be like penguins and show resilience.

This is an important trait to think about developing for everybody, especially at this time.

We are encouraging our children to:

  • I can keep going when things are tough
  • I can try new things
  • I can persevere
  • I can keep focussed
  • I can show courage
  • I can take risks
  • I can learn from my mistakes and I can move on

If your child has worked really hard at one of these penguin traits, please do email their class teacher and they can award them the Kingsley penguin resilience certificate.

If you are not at Kingsley, but would like your child to be awarded a penguin resilience certificate, please email Lucy Goaman ( and let us know what penguin trait your child has been working on and we will send a certificate to you.

Let’s all be penguins next week and make it a good week!