This has not been an easy half-term for Debs and myself. I am most grateful for Governors, parents and colleagues who have offered kind words and support to myself and Debs as we have coped with the loss of my Dad. It says a lot for the nature of Kingsley School that many members of the school community are kind, caring and altruistic, qualities I believe are very important to distil into our children as well.
As I write, the sun is shining and the meteorologists are predicting highs of 16 degrees for the weekend; hotter than some days in August last year! I hope that, whatever you might be doing over half-term, the sun will also shine on you. I have quite a bit of work still to do over half-term but we are hoping to squeeze in a quick visit to Leeds to visit our youngest daughter and her boyfriend.
As ever, the pace of school life has been relentless and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Kingsley staff, support staff and teaching staff, who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the pupils this term. In every part of the school there is so much going on and if you are on Facebook, please do make sure you follow the school to keep up with the excellent stream of stories and information that Lucy Goaman puts up there on a daily basis. Looking ahead, we have an Open Morning on 9th March so if you have friends, neighbours and work colleagues who are not happy with their current schools and you think they might like to come and meet me and have a look round Kingsley, please do spread the word and ask them to get in touch and let us know they would like to come. The more the merrier!
The second half of term looks set to be just as busy and, of course, with each passing day, the summer exams loom ever closer for our senior pupils who are facing GCSE and A level exams as well as BTEC/CTEC deadlines. I hope that all of the pupils and my colleagues as well will be able to recharge their batteries over half-term ready for the next few weeks of hard work. Onwards and upwards!
Pete Last – Headmaster