KSI Education are delighted to announce that Heathfield Knoll School (https://www.hkschool.org.uk/) in Worcestershire will be the group’s second school acquisition in the UK.

Similar to Kingsley, KSI intend to invest significantly in the school immediately with new buildings being erected for 2020 to include food, music and computing technology spaces. In addition, KSI are also looking at ten new staffing appointments, including: science, primary years, food technology and support for English and Maths.


‘Our new partnership with KSI offers significant opportunities for the whole school community. I am delighted to work with KSI on exciting plans for the future development of the school; investment is taking place with immediate effect. There is much to look forward to.’ Lawrence Collins, Headmaster Heathfield Knoll

“KSI are committed to being a collaborative partner for a growing portfolio of schools to help them develop through our professional and academic links, and extend and challenge all pupils in our schools to achieve more. We look forward to many years of collaboration with the senior leadership at Heathfield Knoll to enhance the wonderful education the school already provides.”  Mr Daniel Wellings, Partner, KSI Education.


“Kingsley are delighted that there is a second UK school in the KSI group; we look forward to welcoming and developing closer links with Mr Collins and his colleagues over the coming years.” Mrs Gill Jackson,  Headteacher, Kingsley