Kat Timms New Kingsley Chaplain

Hello, my name is Kat Timms, I am the Chaplain at Kingsley School; a phrase I am still getting used to saying.

I hope that you have got over the initial shock of being back in the school routine.  I love summer and all the adventures it has to offer, but I returned to school with a fresh anticipation this year because I find myself in a new role having the privilege of being Chaplain here at Kingsley.

On my very first day as Chaplain, in my induction service I had to come face-to-face with the challenge –  that is standing in front of the assembled school, and whilst knowing without a doubt that this was the job for me,  I none the less had that slight nag in my stomach that this was something new.

I come to the role of chaplain having chosen faith when I was 17. As a child, I attended Sunday School at the local Methodist chapel near the dairy farm where my family still farm. It was then that I recognised that I couldn’t live off a second-hand faith from my parents, or grandparents, but that this Jesus I had been told about my whole life needed a choice to follow or not to follow.

My life since then has held many adventures, University for a degree specialising in furniture and ceramics. Travelling to Bosnia, South Africa and Uganda on mission trips; working with children and young people affected by war. Closer to home I worked for South West Youth Ministries before training as a teacher.

To start my Chaplain’s assemblies, both in the Junior and Senior school, we talked about what makes me, me?  The fact that I too was a baby once. My interests are  in the great outdoors, love of walking and drinking tea! My love of making and fixing things demonstrated clearly in my beloved van, a van any ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ fans would be proud of. We talked about my big family and my large collection of cousins. Through photographs, I introduced the students to my wonderful grandparents and – although very much missed – how they still play an important role in the way I think and act. Most importantly I talked about my relationship with Jesus and how that makes me who I am.

Reflecting on the week’s assemblies I asked pupils in boarder’s chapel to ask ourselves who we are and consider that fact that we cannot live independently. We were designed to live in community with each other, all human contact has an effect on us, in one way or another. We cannot exist without each other. We were designed to complement each other. When God made Adam he recognised that he was not complete – his response was to make Eve.

“Adam has certain gifts Eve has certain gifts but it was only when the two made up what was lacking in the other that we became fully human.”

“You are not human because you think; you are human because you participate in relationship.”                         Archbishop Desmond Tutu