Hello, Miss Timms has just taken me for a quick walk before I meet with nursery after delivering this morning’s assembly. She talked about the upcoming holidays and the opportunities the holidays hold. Here is a little extract of her script and the questions she asked the children to reflect upon.

Time for reflection

Eight weeks ahead of us at a time of life where as teenagers there is not the worries of mortgages, rent, food bills or raising a family. It’s a time when youth is on our side your fit healthy and full of energy. If we are so energetic, motivated and, above all else, free for at least some of the next eight weeks, what shall we do with that time, what might we be able to contribute to the community in which we live?

Perhaps there are volunteering opportunities that we could get involved in? There are care homes where residents would be pleased to have a chat with someone younger; hospitals and lunch clubs where an extra pair of hands and a friendly face would be so welcomed. There are charity shops, animal rescue centers and food banks where there are always plenty of practical jobs. Have a look at the local press and notices around town – you never know what you might find. Or what a volunteering opportunity might lead to!

If that sounds a bit daunting, or if you’re too young, why not start closer to home? Earlier, we spoke about many of you being free from responsibilities and the pressures of time and work. The truth is that some of you here are not quite so free. Some of you do have responsibilities. You are under pressure to fit in a social life and time with your friends because life is sometimes tough, with responsibilities that many people your age don’t really understand.

What if we look around and see whether our friends or neighbors need some help? What about your friend who cares for their mum, dad or other family member? Think about it, those of you who are free. It would mean so much to your friend if you offered to help, to share the load.

What about within your family, too? Could you take some of the pressure off people very close to you? Could you deliberately practice displaying a different attitude? Could you consider that your mum or your dad also needs rest and time in the sun, perhaps you could do something as simple as load the dishwasher? Think about it, those of you who are free. Could you be a blessing?

Eight  weeks.

Enjoy it.

Use it.

Share it.

It’ll be over before you know it.

One of my favorite verses in the bible is John 10:10 Jesus came so we could have life and life to the full. And I hope that I live life as fully as I can, but I must confess sometimes fear of the unknown or sometimes the known makes me stand still. Sometimes the thing that makes me stand still is my attitude perhaps sometimes I have a  its OK I’ll do it tomorrow attitude, this also causes me to miss out so I think I would like to challenge myself to try something new and live life to the full. Now that new thing doesn’t have to be grand like kite surfing or abseiling it could be a small thing and it could be about helping other people. Perhaps we should as we do in my family group when we are praying one for us and two for other people.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for holidays.
Remind us of all the opportunities before us.
Help us to use our time wisely.
Help us to see the needs of others and be moved into action.

Miss Timms and I visited nursery today I really enjoyed meeting the youngest members of our Kingsley family. They learnt about my name sake in the bible we had lots of fun because Miss Timms read a story that has loads of actions and interactions it was great.

Miss Timms and I hope that everyone has a wonderful summer. I am very much looking forward to lots of walks and as you can see from my pictures, I thought I would put into action Miss Timms’ assembly by trying something new. I visited Mr Crossman in the Music room this week. The other picture you can see shows me helping Miss Timms with her packing I thought I better get in the bag too as I didn’t want to be left behind.