I have spent three days this week away from school. This was not because I fancied a quick mini-break, it was because I am an ISI inspector and I am therefore expected to make myself available for inspection duties at least once a year. I cannot say where I have been, but the experience has, as ever, been an interesting one. There is a lot to be said for putting a little distance between oneself and one’s daily job. That distance allows space and (some) time to reflect on how things are done “back at home” compared to the school one is inspecting. I always come back from inspections with new ideas and thoughts as to what we might be able to do to improve the quality of the learning experience for the pupils and this time has been no exception. I will look forward to discussing some of these ideas with my colleagues here at Kingsley to see how they might be adapted to help us improve what we do. As I discovered this week on my inspection, there is, obviously, no such thing as a perfect school. In fact, as I said to my colleagues in my leaving speech when I left Stowe, if you ever find one, please don’t join it because you will spoil it!


I have been delighted to see that the video that Lucy Goaman shot of last Monday’s assembly has been watched so many times. It is clear that my message (about the fundamental importance of character) has resonated with many parents and others who have watched the clip. This term I am delivering a series of short talks on character and moral virtues and this Monday’s assembly will be on courage. Keep an eye on the school’s YouTube channel if you are interested in following the series throughout the term.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend