Kingsley GCSE results wows parents: 100% GCSE pass rate for Kingsley School Bideford

Kingsley School GCSE Results 2016

In the last year of the current format of GSCEs for maths and English, Kingsley School pupils are celebrating a great set of GCSE results, with 100% pass rate.

Students nervously arrived at Kingsley School this morning to be given their exam results.  The nervousness quickly turned into squeals of delight as pupils opened their results, collectively celebrating another outstanding set of exam results.

GCSE students Daisy and Eleanor who have both attended Kingsley School since Nursery, were the first pupils in school this morning to collect their results.  Beaming with smiles, Eleanor said: “Daisy and I have been through school together and it feels really emotional collecting our results today.  We have both worked very hard, but today all that hard work and commitment has paid off.  I am so happy and delighted.”

Daisy added: “We have just completed a very busy 2 years at school, I cannot thank all our teachers enough for their constant support, most especially our language teacher Miss Williams.”

Eleanor’s Mum, Mrs Barker, was delighted with her daughter’s results: “I am so thrilled with Eleanor’s results.  Above that, I am simply pleased for her.  She is now looking forward to the Sixth Form at Kingsley School to take A levels in Spanish, maths, English Literature and geography.”

Another pupil with tears of happiness in her eyes was Tricia: “I am feeling really jolly!  I have done so much better than I ever hoped, thank you Mr Dickinson, Ms. Bateman, Miss Parsons and Mrs Davies.”

Ms. Bateman hugged Tricia and added: “It is a very proud moment for me.  Trisha has been studying in the Kingsley School Dyslexia Department and today has achieved an A* in English Literature. Her turnaround has been unbelievable, I think she has really benefited from our team-teaching approach. I am delighted for her.”

Mrs Grant, Tricia’s Mum had just come off the phone after sharing the results with Tricia’s family and announced: “I am in absolute awe of Tricia and all her hard work. None of this would have been possible without the unstinting support from the dyslexia unit at Kingsley, thank you so much.”

Kingsley’s Headmaster, Mr Simon Woolcott, was delighted with the results: “I love results day, it is so  positive to see the self-belief that has developed in each of our pupils.  Congratulations to each and every one of them. They deserve enormous credit for two years of consistent hard work to produce such a fine set of results. Whether its art, music, science, drama, maths, languages, literature or sport, it appears that once again our students have achieved their top scores in subjects they most love. It was a delight to see the appreciation from our pupils and their families today to the staff at Kingsley School, and their reciprocal care, enthusiasm and keen interest in all our pupils’ futures. We look forward to the start of term and seeing our GCSE students enjoying Sixth Form life.”