On Thursday we saw the culmination of our inaugural Junior Masterchef competition with entrants from local junior schools and Kingsley cooking their choice of dish for the grand final.

The young chefs were judged on execution of skills, awareness of food safety and hygiene, presentation of their dish and taste, with the technical difficulty of their chosen recipe taken into account.

In the first round the pupils were tasked to cook a risotto which was judged on taste and texture, and were also given a set of ingredients to create a dessert which was judged on creativity and presentation.

A mark was given for each assessed element across both sessions and added up at the end to decide the winner.

Huge congratulations to Amelia who becomes our first ever winner and to Amelie our runner up.

I am so proud of all our fantastic competitors. They all did an amazing job that belies their years – I’m not sure I was cooking such complex dishes at their age!

Well done everyone, maybe we’ll see some of you again in next year’s competition!