Kingsley Out and About

 We have a long and proud tradition at Kingsley of making really good use of the outdoor classroom. It is always a memorable experience for our pupils if we can get them out of the classroom to do their learning outside. This can be very simple like a recent geography lesson I taught to Year 9 using the school grounds to help them understand Lee’s Migration Model, to rather more exciting ventures like the recent trip to London undertaken by some of the Year 8 pupils. Given that many pupils enjoy learning by doing, these opportunities to be outside are a fantastic part of our curriculum.

 Just this last week I have seen the pre-school pupils enjoying a walk through our woods, lots of classes engaging in PE and sport outside (even playing tennis in the rain) and last night I dropped in with Mr Whaley to see the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh groups as they arrived in camp after day 1 of their practice expedition out near Woolacombe. They were fortunate to be staying on a lovely campsite at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park that had kindly been provided for them to use by Mr Lancaster (, one of our Senior School parents, so a huge thank you to him as well. As we arrived, most tents were up and the students were just getting their evening meals under way. I did drop some cakes off to make sure they had enough energy for today’s exertions!

We intend to continue to build as many opportunities as we can to get pupils out of their classrooms to aid and deepen their learning and understanding and I would be very happy to hear from any parents whose places of work might make for informative and interesting destinations for our pupils!

Mr Pete Last