On the Top Universities Scholarship Programme, Eve is studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics A-levels at Kingsley. This week, Eve is celebrating after receiving an offer to study Engineering at Oxford University. With such strong competition for places at Oxford, we would like to congratulate Eve who is celebrating her offer. We are very proud of her hard work and achievement.

Eve added: “I am so delighted that I have received an offer of a place at Oxford to study Engineering at Keble College in September. When I joined Kingsley in Year 12 through the Top Universities Scholarship programme, I was immediately struck by the very close environment;  everyone knows each other really well. Since joining the Sixth Form, I have always received so much help and support from everyone around me. My teachers, Mr Cannon, Mr McCaffrey (Snr), Mr McCaffrey (Jn) and Mr Phillips, are all really passionate about their subjects and make their lessons really engaging for everyone. Mr McCaffrey (Snr) breathes maths! He loves it and that really translates into his teaching. He demonstrates so much energy and passion for the subject. Mr Cannon is a hilarious Chemistry teacher. He sneaks in a lot of chemistry content in the lessons in a really entertaining way that I come out of my classes learning far more than I realise! Learning here is fun.  All of my teachers are entertaining, and they seem to find a style of teaching which is suitable for everyone’s learning needs. I think it is quite rare to get such a concentration of amazing teachers. The Top Universities Scholarship Programme at Kingsley has provided me with so much support throughout the university application process, from writing my personal statement to prepping for entrance exams to helping me with interview practice. I would like to thank Kingsley for the opportunities, from trips to clubs to all the academic support and preparation with my university applications. I really enjoy being at Kingsley; whenever I go to the Sixth Form Centre, everyone is laughing and joking – it’s a really happy place to be.”


Over to Eve to find out more: https://youtu.be/qBAp0_wf4oU