Students and staff at Kingsley are celebrating another successful GCSE results day today, following the outstanding A-Level results announced earlier this week.

Congratulations to all our class of 2021 whose hard work and efforts have been rewarded. There were successes across the board with many standout performances. 32% of all grades were 9-7 (A* – A equivalent) and 79% were grades 9 -4 (A* – C equivalent). Kingsley students are at ease with their second and third languages and it is no wonder that linguists are thriving at Kingsley, 100% of all French grades were 9-7.

The secret formula for GCSE success during these unusual few years has been teachers who have constantly provided the best possible teaching and pastoral care, families who have given constant support, and, most importantly, focused students who demonstrated real grit and determination with the transition to blended classroom and online schooling.

Students across the country are receiving GCSEs today based on teacher assessed grades, grades which are well deserved and accurate, reflecting the work each pupil has done, providing as much confidence as possible that the grades received would have been the same if the exams had been sat this summer.

The results awarded follow an extensive internal process at Kingsley to ensure that grades are fair and accurately reflect each pupil’s attainment level, based on the considerable experience and expertise of our teachers. Kingsley teachers compiled a portfolio of evidence, for each student in each subject, detailing performance over the whole length of the GCSE course; evidence such as mock exam results, classwork assessments and test results, as well as up to six weeks’ worth of controlled assessment work earlier this academic year.

Headteacher Mrs Gill Jackson said: “I hope each pupil is very satisfied with their outcomes today. There has been so much uncertainty surrounding the GCSEs this year and I would like to commend Kingsley Year 11 for their acceptance that this is one of the most exceptional and difficult of years and congratulate the year group on their successes today which are so well deserved. I would like to thank the teaching staff at Kingsley for their full support, expertise and time given in ensuring the system for awarding grades this summer has been rigorous, objective and fair.”

Year 11 GCSE student Fintan said: “I have a complex medical issue which means I have to miss lots of school for treatment and recovery, so together with the school and my family we agreed on a phased GCSE plan over three years rather than sitting all my GCSEs in the summer of Year 11. This flexible approach has made my learning and subsequent exam timetable much more manageable. So, this is the third time I have been to a results day. Two years ago, two years early, I sat my geography GCSE, last year I took Drama and History and today I pick up all the others! I am really pleased with my results; I have all the grades I was hoping for and need for my A level studies! It has been tough throughout the pandemic and homeschooling was a challenge whilst I was self-isolating for 448 days with my family. Kingsley did really well with the remote teaching for myself and my brother but we did miss normal school life. Nothing can compare to real school life and being at school with friends.”

Year 11 GCSE student Fallon said: “My family and I had a nerve-wracking journey up from Cornwall this morning to pick up my results. I am delighted with all my results, especially my English Language and Music. I am hoping to be a music teacher when I am older and run school choirs and orchestras, so I am pleased that I am on track for that. When I joined Kingsley three years ago from a very small school, I was so very nervous. I feel as if I have really grown as a person and gained so much confidence, thank you!”

Year 11 GCSE student Kirsty said: “It’s been a good day! I have four 9s and three 8s along with my other grades. I would like to thank all my subject teachers and everyone who has helped me with my SEN needs. On every level, I am so happy with my results. I would like to go to university to study medicine and these results are a great stepping stone for that.”

Year 11 GCSE student Aaron said: “I’m really proud of my results, I have 9s in Maths and in all the Sciences. I joined Kingsley 3 years ago and it is a really nice place to be at school; the teachers and the school community are great.”

Year 11 GCSE student Joshua said: “I was feeling so apprehensive earlier, but I have just opened my results and I have a 9, four 8s, two 5s and a merit in my BTEC Engineering. I am looking forward to returning to Kingsley to study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Music in the Sixth Form.”

Mrs Jackson continued: “Kingsley School has a Top University Programme scholarship with generous scholarships available for GCSE students who have achieved 7s, 8s & 9s across their GCSE results this morning. This Sixth Form programme is for any pupil who has a goal studying at Russell Group Universities.“

Acceptance to the Kingsley Top Universities Programme is subject to school reports, GCSE results, and a short interview. For more information and details please contact Mrs Lou Wivell (Director of Admissions) on 01237 426200 or by email at