Maddie has been named the ISA National Athlete of the Term.

Maddie spent the last term, like all other children, in lockdown with one of the main motivators in life taken away, sport.

Maddie loves sport, and while her main love is gymnastics, she also participates in tennis, dance, swimming, running and all sports within the school curriculum.

In the middle of January, Maddie decided that she would like to fundraise for her gymnastics club, Falcons Gymnastics Academy in Barnstaple, which had recently had to throw out a lot of the foam in their training pit due to a water leak.

Maddie decided that she would run 4 marathons in 4 weeks to help raise funds to replace the foam pit. This was a massive challenge and came with its ups and downs; however, with the support of the gym club, her friends, family and Kingsley School, she managed to raise over £1400. This is such an achievement for someone so young.

During this time, on top of her fundraising running commitment, Maddie was also keeping to her 5 days a week gymnastics training on zoom, 2 days a week for dance and has also managed to keep up with her piano lessons and Devon squad training.  Maddie’s enthusiasm for running didn’t stop with her marathon challenge; she also ran and won the inter-house cross country race at school.
As part of being named National Athlete of the Term, Maddie has been invited to attend a Q&A zoom session with Jack Rutter, a Paralympian footballer.  Many congratulations, Maddie.