Kingsley School Devon is looking forward to the arrival of Mr Adam Kilner as Deputy Head (Academics), to succeed Mrs Chrissie Hamilton in September.

The Deputy Head (Academics) is of course a critical appointment for any school and Mrs Hamilton was always going to be a hard act to follow.  Chrissie steered us through achievements and successes Kingsley has enjoyed over the last seven years, inside and outside the classroom, and indeed online by leading the schools’ successful remote learning platform during the successive lockdowns. During her tenure at Kingsley Chrissie was shortlisted for I25 Award, named one of the 25 most influential people in Independent Education and was also shortlisted for TES Maths teacher of the year. Chrissie enjoys a wonderful working relationship with Plymouth University and Royal Institution in London and enjoyed running regular masterclasses for high achieving maths students across North Devon alongside her extensive teaching commitments in the Maths Department at Kingsley.

When Chrissie leaves at the end of the Summer, we welcome Mr Adam Kilner to a school with growing pupil numbers, consistently strong academic performance in public examinations, sporting opportunities for each and every pupil and a sincere commitment to the North Devon community.

Mr Kilner joins Kingsley from the American School of Puerto Vallarta (ASPV) in Mexico. Initially as a Science teacher at ASPV, Mr Kilner then took charge of the STEM department and subsequently became the Middle & High School Principal in 2018.  Originally from Sheffield, England, Mr. Kilner holds a degree in Biology, a postgraduate certificate of education and, most recently, a Masters in Education Leadership and Management from the University of Bath.

Mr Kilner said: “I’m really proud to have been offered this position. Kingsley has a great reputation – not just for achieving outstanding results from its academic highflyers, but for enabling every single pupil to achieve up to – and often beyond – their highest expectations. That’s something I’ve always believed in and will unreservedly commit myself to continuing. The location’s a bonus, too. I’m really looking forward to moving to beautiful North Devon with my family.”