Non-screen evenings for Kingsley Boarders

During the last 18 months, screen time for all our us, pupils, parents and staff has become more complicated. Whilst we were staying at home, school and social lives went online and remote learning added to the hours and hours of screen time for students all around the world.

All that is now in the past and we are back to living much more freely, and able to be online far less. But once online habits are formed it takes discipline to change them. So, what a joy to proactively encourage our boarders to take time away from their screens and have some offline fun and games in the boarding houses at Kingsley after prep time.  The TV is turned off, the laptop, phones and tablets are all disregarded and the boarders can enjoy a brilliant games night without the constant barrage of social media notifications, emails, and private messages.

Too much screen time can damage mental health and also can disrupt sleep patterns as it becomes harder to unwind at night as our brains are all programmed to continually open and respond to messages. And without plenty of sleep, we can all become a little grumpier!!

Thank you Mr Dupuy for setting up this wonderful new ritual for boarders at Kingsley Schoool Bideford.