Personally, we like to eat lots of pancakes with sugar and lemon, but these are some weird and wonderful pancake traditions from other countries:

  • In Denmark, it is traditional to play “Hit the cat out of the barrel”, which is a game in which you have to hit a barrel with a bat. In days before the RSPCA, the barrel actually had a live cat in it, but nowadays the barrel is filled with sweets instead. The children who are the best at bashing the barrel will be crowned the Cat Queen and Cat King.
  • In Newfoundland, Canada, objects such as coins, wedding rings and even nails are added to pancakes. If you find the coins, you will be rich, the ring you will be married and the nail you will be a carpenter (if you didn’t choke first!).
  • In France, Pancake Day is known as Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday.  The name dates back to when a fat ox would be paraded through Paris to remind people that they were not allowed to eat meat until after Lent. Nowadays, Mardi Gras seems to be an excuse for a huge carnival, which lasts for several days and sees people wearing lots of weird and wonderful masks and costumes.

Whatever you choose to do this year, enjoy Pancake Day!

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