Promoting Safety and Confidence at Kingsley

 Kingsley School 

Everyone is coming to terms with living with the pandemic. That includes schools, of course. Since March 2020 we have implemented a set of actions and plans which are regularly reviewed.


Kingsley is exceptionally fortunate to be located in such a healthy, safe location. Kingsley School is set in genuinely beautiful grounds. And those grounds are set in one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the UK.

Devon is Britain’s most popular holiday destination, so by studying at Kingsley School you will be able to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, somewhere most people only manage to visit for a holiday.

Devon offers scenic coastlines, world class beaches, one national park and part of another, a world heritage coast, little coves, market towns, seaside resorts, tranquil walks, picturesque villages, gorgeous gardens, sparkling rivers, historic houses, entertainment and attractions galore.

Pastoral and Boarding

Kingsley School Bideford prides itself on the highest standards of pastoral care.

Kingsley is a small, independent school with a long tradition of looking after children and their families with the highest standards of pastoral support.  We find that many children who have struggled in other larger schools flourish here, as our class sizes are small, and we can bring out the best in all our pupils.

Kingsley has been taking big steps towards continuing to build exceptional pastoral care and making our student’s social, physical and mental wellbeing a priority during this pandemic. The emotional and social skills, behaviours and knowledge that are learnt in a Kingsley classroom can help our students set the pattern for how they will manage their health and well-being throughout their lives.

In our most recent ISI inspection report the team of Inspectors awarded Kingsley the highest possible grade of “Excellent” in the quality of pupils’ personal development.

Deep Clean

The entire school campus, including all the boarding houses, has weekly deep industrial clean and this will be repeated every week. Every classroom, laboratory, dining room and common area surfaces are cleaned throughout the school day.  Students will be asked to keep their boarding rooms extremely clean and tidy.

We continue to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, health and safety in order to minimise the infection risk and to care for our pupils in a calm, supportive and comfortable environment.

Boarders arrival

Facilities are in place for the arrival of international boarders so they can self-isolate, as required, in designated accommodation in the school grounds and be cared for and looked after safely in the school community by the Kingsley Houseparents.  Meals will be delivered to the pupils in their accommodation and online learning and activities will be arranged for this immersion period. The fee for quarantine weeks is £400 per week.


Kingsley’s boarding accommodation is traditional, clean and smart. Returning boarders are moved into single rooms and will not share facilities to ensure the highest levels of personal safety but also will facilitate excellent academic study.


All members of staff and all pupils from Year 7 and above have in-school Lateral Flow Tests which helps detect asymptomatic cases.

Social Distancing

Kingsley School is adhering to all government recommendations in regard to social distancing. Practical changes have taken place in regards to some aspects of school life, for example arranging more staggered meal times; a limit to the number of pupils in a classroom for lessons, a maximum number of pupils congregating at any one time and guidance on socialising across the school community.

Personal Protection Equipment

Senior school staff and pupils are advised to wear masks to cover their nose and mouth in high traffic areas around school.  Hand sanitiser stations are in place across the school campus and within classrooms. Pupils will adhere to strict rules on using sanitising gel before each class and before each mealtime and when entering any building on the school grounds.

For more information on our protective measures see the Covid19 – Risk Assessment – Kingsley School 20.01.22