Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term. I trust you all had a great half term with your children. Many thanks for all the wonderful reading in an unusual place photos we’ve had in.
Next week marks the start of our sponsored read. We all know how vital reading is to a child’s development, and any way to encourage children to read more and read more widely is always to be encouraged. The sponsored read, called Read for Good, will last for two weeks, and the money raised will go to our nearest children’s hospital to buy books. 20% however will also come to the school for us to buy books too, so everyone wins!
Please do encourage your children to find sponsors. Children can be sponsored per book, page, time, or anything else that suits. Children can also be encouraged to read anything they want, in fact, the wider range of material the better.
So let’s get reading! With World Book Day coming up on Thursday, there’s no better time.
Best wishes
Andrew Trythall
Head of Kingsley Prep School