With World Book Day fast approaching, there will be lots of encouragement for reading books next term. Not only will there be a dress up day on World Book Day on March 7th, but there will also be a sponsored read, and our ‘Reading a Book in an Unusual Place’ photo. This will be made into a display to celebrate World Book Day, so get your entries in, either via email, or already printed out. We’ve already had our first entry!
It’s been a great half term, and it’s been a wonderful climax with our creativity Space Week. As usual, there have been such a wide variety of activities, and if you were to look round school on any day this week you would have seen a wonderful array of activities including amazing space photos, the building of the space shuttle, designing and building planets, dioramas and so much more.
Enjoy the photos below from Onesie Wednesday and Space Dress Up Day. Enjoy the half term holidays with your family, and get creative with your children for amazing places to read a book – and take the photo!
Best wishes
Andrew Trythall
Head of Kingsley Prep School