Anxious? Nervous? Excited? Eager? Motivated? Exhausted? How are we feeling about next week?  I think it’s fair to say there are a massive range of emotions for many of our school community.  It has been a long couple of months, but Monday will see the start of a return to school as a really positive step.  We have all missed out on the social interactions and cannot wait to see everybody in real life!  I want to reassure my year groups and anybody reading this bulletin that the  lateral flow test is nothing to worry about at all.  You will not be rushed and can take your time.  Our key worker senior pupils have been doing them since January and I am sure they will tell you it’s straightforward, and in a way really reassuring.

I know that getting back together with our friends is an exciting time, and I really cannot wait to see everybody back.  I want to say something that I have said many times before in this bulletin and also around school.  Be kind.  Be kind to yourself and one another.  I know lockdown has been different for everybody and it has impacted us all differently; we don’t know for sure how others are feeling.  Be kind.  It really matters.

Recently, as is often part of my role here in school, I have been helping some pupils with friendship issues.  It’s all part of growing up.  Being apart for so long can be really tricky and adjusting to being together again will take some work.  Frustratingly a lot of the issues that we deal with in school start are a result of interactions online.  WhatsApp groups, other social media platforms allow for people to say hurtful things and sometimes things can be easily misinterpreted.  I know that I sometimes worry I have upset Mr Mathers if he doesn’t end his text with the usual kiss emoji!!  Seriously though, when we interact on these platforms, be kind – or don’t interact.  Our lives aren’t a soap opera, we aren’t actors in EastEnders.  I will share here an acrostic that we have displayed around school.  Worth “Think”ing about.

Mr Steve Whaley –