In keeping with our commitment to STEM, our pupils are currently engaged in not one, but two science competitions! We have been delighted with the entries from the Christmas science project from Years 7-10 for the North Devon Manufacturing Association competition. Good luck to all our pupils who are entering.

On Wednesday afternoons, in the activity session, Science Club members are embarking on a second science competition. This national competition, organised by Shell asks pupils to consider how a green city might look in 2050 and will be judged on scientific innovation and creativity.

Pupils today considered how they might construct a building on an area prone to flooding due to rising sea levels. Their design was inspired by the Clifton suspension bridge. It’s exciting to think that our pupils might become engineers designing such buildings in the future!

This photo shows how pupils used string to suspend a building (with weight) over an area of water (the tray did have water in!).