To everyone who joined us today at Kingsley School for the Christmas Fayre – thank you; it was great to see you. We had a record number of stalls, including some of the most talented independent, handmade crafters from across Devon.

Throughout the day we enjoyed performances from Appledore Ladies Choir, Sarah Anne Westcott Dance & Performing Arts Studios and Nikki’s Irish Dance which made the day really special.


kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-2 kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-1

Outside on the sports field there was bubble football and on the astro, an FA Skills workshops, thank you Mr Weir and team. It was a very special day in Kingsley’s sporting history as Mr Woolcott, Mr Mathers and Mr Weir officially opened our new astro, a proud day for our school.

kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-9 kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-12

kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-10 kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-11

Thank you to Kingsley Friends PTA, Laila Lane, Caroline Bailey, Ms Bateman, the catering team, the maintenance team and ground staff for all the behind the scenes work and tireless bacon cooking and tea making today; Mr Lovett, Mr Jobbins and Mrs Stella for kindly welcoming all the stallholders as they arrived on site; Cedric, Ole, Ashley, Krystal and Max for taking their turns in helping with carparking; along with many students and staff who all volunteered to help in so many ways.

kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-4  kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-5

kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-6             kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-3

Thank you too to our Junior School class reps for your stalls, and to Mrs and Mrs Hamilton, Anita, Krystal, Max, Chris and Reuben for your craft and circus skills activities. It was great that Merlin arrived to do a little juggling with us too!

kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-7    kingsley-school-bideford-north-devon-craft-fayre-astro-8