The Grenville Centre

The Grenville Centre (GC) at Kingsley School, Bideford, delivers a
truly tailored service for pupils who would benefit most from a
flexible approach to their learning. The GC provides tailored support,
with kindness and patience, for pupils who require a truly
personalised timetable with lessons in the GC alongside some
mainstream lessons, as appropriate.
The GC team enables pupils to realistically develop their academic,
physical, social and emotional abilities. Working together with the
pupils and their families, the team at the GC endeavour to promote
high self-esteem and realise achievable expectations for all of their
The GC offers:
• Innovative approaches for active, independent and
accessible teaching and learning
• Individualised learning plans
• Experienced and passionate staff who create a fun,
accessible and exciting learning environment
• Pupils’ personal interests inform the core topics
for the curriculum delivery
• An appropriate ability level, skills based curriculum
which is not year group or age restrictive
• Pupils in the GC are likely to choose to not access a full
GCSE curriculum but may prefer either GCSEs or a full
ASDAN/functional skills curriculum
• A range of therapeutic support tailored to each pupil,
including speech and language, clinical psychology and
educational psychology
GC students will have Individual Education Plans detailing their
specific need and how these will be met. Documents and reports at the
point of entry will be used as a benchmark of initial levels and inform
the target setting for the subsequent academic year. Termly targets
will be set in relation to the four key areas of SEND:
• Cognition and Learning
• Sensory and Physical
• Communication and Interaction
• Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Entry into the GC:
For a student to succeed it is essential that the Grenville Centre
meets their needs. With this in mind the following documentation is
• Current IEP, school report and EHCP (if available)
• Professional reports detailing the students’ needs
• Parent or County funding and appropriate financial support for
identified needs
• Up to date (within the last two years) reports from appropriate
professionals (e.g. educational psychology, paediatrics, psychiatry /
clinical psychology, speech and language, occupational therapy,
specialist advisory teachers, CAMHS).
For more information please contact Admissions on 01237 426200, or by
email at