Kingsley pupils stepped back in time this week and spent the day in a Victorian classroom, known as the schoolroom.

Unlike Kingsley classrooms, the schoolroom walls were quite bare, the floors were tiered,
the windows were high up (to stop pupils looking out of the window) and the rooms were lit by gaslights.

Our pupils immersed themselves, wore traditional school clothing, pinafores for the girls and waistcoats or jackets and collars for the boys. They undertook the three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic), and learnt by chanting out loud.

The children practised writing on slates, scratching the letters with a sharpened piece of slate and then tried to use pen and ink with their own inkwell and fountain pen.

Discipline in Victorian schools was very harsh, punishments were explained to the children; they were then very happy to return back to 2018 and to Kingsley!!

Thank you to the team at the North Devon Maritime museum ( for giving the children such a wonderful day.